How Seat4events Makes Event Ticketing & Seat Mapping Simple

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Seat4events works for any type of event, whether you’re it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid, with or without a seat mapping. Your attendees will experience an immersive event no matter what type it is. Our event management platform makes planning and executing events easy and flawless.

Creating an event

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Display the seating arrangement of your event so attendees can choose the best seat options when buying tickets.

Get specific information about your ticket buyers, ticket sales, event attendance, bookings and more.

Reduce the queue and waiting times at check-in by scanning ticket QR codes with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Creating an event

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Register for Free

Sign up for a free account to create your event. You need to choose a package and fill in your basic details.

Select a Package

Before you can create an event, you need to select a package that best suits your needs for your event.

Review Your Host Dashboard

Personalise your host dashboard by uploading pictures and social media links.

Flex Your Creativity

Click on create event on the host dashboard to add details, images, banners, ticket info, pricing, dates, and times.


Seat Mapping

Create a Seat Map and link your tickets to the seats


Create a Seat Map

If you need a seat map, Seat4events is perfect for you. We'll create a seating plan for your event so your attendees can choose their seats when purchasing event tickets.

Hassle-Free Process

Don't worry; you don't have to plan out your seat map yourself. All you need to do is to provide us with a description and an aerial view diagram that details out your seating arrangement.

Seat4events Creates the Seat Map

We'll then create a seat map of your venue that's linked to each ticket. You can review the seat map created for your event and publish your event.

Get started with Seat4events

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Data Reports on Your Events

Get detailed information about your events.

Attendance Info

You'll be able to review information about your ticket buyers, sales, event attendance, and more.

Manage Wallet

Set your payout methods and request payout easily. You'll also be able to review reports of bookings and earnings on your host dashboard.

Sales Report

Monitor your ticket sales in real-time on your host dashboard. Download our mobile app so you can review it on the go.

My Listings

Event organisers can see details of their events and easily edit, publish, and manage individual events.


QR Check-In

The fast and effective way to get your move on

Send Tickets via Email

Email tickets with QR codes to your attendees. They can also download their tickets directly from their account.

Scannable QR Code

Enable contactless check-in for event attendees with your unique QR code. With an easy to scan QR code, event check-in is seamless, efficient and professional. Cut down on wait times without sacrificing security.

Check-In Reports

You can monitor event check-in in real-time on your host dashboard and mobile app.

Why Seat4events?

Our mission is to deliver a seamless experience for you and your event attendees. Every stage of the process is simple and easy to follow, ensuring your event goes smoothly. Our event management platform makes setting up an event a snap, whether it’s in-person or virtual.

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