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Yes, you are automatically assigned to Growth package, which is free when you sign up, but you can upgrade to Advance package or Enterprise package to benefit from the extra features like Seat Map etc.

The fees on tickets known as ‘’commission’’ can either be absorbed by an event organiser or passed onto event attendees when creating an event.

The commission is displayed separately and deducted before pay-out to event organisers.

Calculate your potential earnings.

There’s no fee for organisers when listing a free event. Our Growth package is also free when you sign up

If you sell tickets, you can pass the commission onto event attendees when listing an event on all packages.

Review our fees and packages here.

A ticket class is a unique category of ticket comprising the ticket name, price and description that you create to suit your event attendees or appeal to varieties of people.

We require you to accurately describe the seating arrangement or seat plan of your event or venue that we will link to each ticket class that you create when setting up tickets.

You will need to select an option from the list of your ticket class and provide details about the tables, seats, rows, columns and how they align for each ticket class.

When setting up Seat Maps, you can upload an aerial view image, like a sketch, screenshot, pictures, or diagrams that visually represent the seating arrangement.

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