Create unique events with Seat Map linked to your tickets

Seat Maps

Display the seat map of your event so attendees can choose the best seat options when buying tickets

seat map

Seat Plan

With our easy-to-use seat plan feature, you can easily design and customize the perfect seating arrangement for your event.

Image and Video

Easily find and select the best seats with a seat map showing the venue's image and video. We make it easy to preview each seat efficiently, so your experience is enjoyable.

Ticket Class and Price

Event ticket class offers the best value for attendees, with its locations within the venue providing an excellent view of the stage.

Media Share-Buttons

Our interactive seat maps make it easy for guests to view available social media, and button share links make it easy for guests to refer their friends and family to the event.

Everything you need for your events

Your all-in-one platform for event listing, seat mapping, ticketing and booking


QR Code Check-in

Fast, secure and contactless check-in for event attendees

Receive tickets via email

Our e-tickets are environmental friendly and secured with QR- code to enhance quick and contactless check-ins

QR Code Check-in

Event organisers can check-in attendees and monitor attendance on our mobile app.

As good as ever

Our mobile app features are as good as it is on the web for both event attendees and organisers.

Email Notifications

Be the first to know. Turn on the app notification and receive updates on your favourite events.

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