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Creating an Event: Top Tips for New Event Organisers

While some people are of the opinion that planning events is easy and doesn’t constitute a “real job”, those in the know are aware that nothing could be further from the truth.

Event planning is definitely a specialised skill set to behold. It’s something that requires know-how, time management, organisation, excellent problem-solving abilities, and much, much more.

If you’re new to the world of event planning and have the task of creating an event, this may be a daunting prospect. With so much to learn and so much at stake, it may even seem like an impossible task.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Read on to learn some tips for pulling off the perfect event every time with Seat4events.

First Thing’s First

Proper preparation is perhaps the number one most important thing when it comes to creating an event. So the first step when planning any event or party is to create your event listing on our Event Organisers Dashboard. Here you can fill out important details such as the event name, the category it falls into, the time, venue, and your contact details.

At this stage, you also can fill out a brief description of the event. Don’t forget to add photos and videos to paint a perfect picture. Make sure to make it seem unmissable!

Talking Tickets

Any well-organised event will have some form of an event ticketing system. With Seat4events, ticketing is made easy. Use the dashboard to enter ticket types, the total number of tickets you want to allocate, and of course, the price you want to set.

You can also customise things even further. Change the ticket colours, add a description, and use the handy tools to set the maximum or the minimum number of tickets a person can buy. You even have the option to add coupons if this is something you’d like to offer.

Sitting Pretty

Is the prospect of arranging and allocating seats for everyone making your head spin? If so, don’t worry!

Our handy system helps you set up a custom seat map so your event attendees can easily visualise everything and figure out who should go where. There are tonnes of different ways to layout event seating arrangements, so be sure to consider both the event type and attendees.

Checking In

On the day itself, you’ll have plenty on your plate. So you’ll be happy that Seat4events also has plenty of options for you to keep track of your attendees.

Our QR Code Check-in offers a great user experience for guests and helps keep things organised on your end, too. You can make sure everyone’s accounted for and also that nobody who shouldn’t be there is.

Are you creating an event? Don’t Stress!

With the services of Seat4events, even an absolute beginner will find creating an event a total breeze. We’ve got you covered throughout the entire event planning process, from the early days to the day of the event. Get started today to see how we can help you pull off an amazing event.


  • Mia Evans
    10 October 2022 at 5:21 am

    It really helped when you said that having a customized detail in the event will be great such as having coloured tickets or more. I think that would be a great idea when it comes to the spring festivals since there would be lots of people with different access to each one.

  • Rachel Frampton
    27 July 2022 at 8:43 am

    If I were to hold an event, I would hire an excellent catering service. I also agree with you that it will be best to prepare the proper seating arrangements. Thank you for suggesting the importance of decorating the whole venue too.

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