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Event Planning: A Step by Step Guide To Creating an Event on Seat4events

Did you know that 48% of event planners begin the event planning process six months to one year in advance? So if you’re planning an event for your brand, you need a solid plan to achieve success.

Part of that involves creating an event early enough that you can begin to market it and book caterers, music, and any other services you need.  

If you’re ready to begin creating an event, Seats4Events is an excellent resource; however, you need to know how to use the tool. Keep reading to learn. 

Login to Your Dashboard

Before you can create your event, you need to log in. From here, you can access your Event Organisers dashboard. 

If you haven’t filled out your profile, ensure you complete it; this will help as you set up the details of your event. Also, be sure you add links to all of your socials.

Once logged in, you will be able to select “Create Event” from the right top corner. Keep in mind that you can return to your event and edit it at any time by going to “My Listings.” 

Setting Up Your Event

To set up your event, you will fill out the basic information.  The basic information will give your guests all the info they need about your event, and you can add pictures and video here.  

It’s essential to be as detailed as possible so that your attendees know what to expect. The categories you should prepare to fill out include:

  • Event name
  • Event category (fundraiser, business, music, etc.) 
  • Location and time
  • Contact details
  • Description

After completing the basics, you should “Save Event.” Up next is to set up your tickets. 

Setting Up Your Tickets

Even if you’re not selling tickets for your event, you still need to complete this step. When it comes to ticket fees, you must choose who pays the commission fee. 

Select “Add Ticket” to set up your tickets. You’ll have the opportunity to fill in the following when adding tickets: 

  • Paid or Free
  • Price
  • Number of tickets available
  • Minimum and maximum number of tickets for one purchase
  • Start and end date for selling tickets
  • Ticket customisations (colours, logos, text) 
  • Vital info that will appear on tickets (i.e. link, password, and other information) 
  • Seating plans 

You can also choose whether or not to allow your guests to select their seats. 

Setting Up Seat Maps

If you want a seat map, you will need to include the seat number on the ticket. You will find this on the ticket page as well. Check “Seat Map” as your “Ticket Type”, and you will be able to set up your seat map. 

At the bottom, you will see “Add Seats.” You can list the seats you have available there and the cost of the seats. If you have different prices for better seats, separate them.

The other details above will help you customise your tickets. 

Setting Up Dates and Time

Next, you’ll go to your “Calendar.” Here, you can set up your event dates and times. 

You can choose “manual” or “recurring.” It will ask you to select your start and end date and time. 

Adding Coupons

If you plan to offer deals for your tickets, you can add a coupon. Create a discount code that’s at least five characters. 

Then input how much your discount is; you can do this by percentage or pounds. Include the start and end date of your coupon, what tickets it applies to, and how many people can claim the discount. 

Team Members

Finally, if you want to add team members, you will go to your “Team Member” tab. Here you can register a username that gives members of your team permission to scan QR codes with the Seats4Events mobile app. 

Get Your Event Planning Started

As an event host, having suitable event planning tools is essential. Seats4events can make behind-the-scenes work like seat maps and promotions easy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event. 

Boost sales and make your event planning a breeze by registering your Seats4events account today. 

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